Ondaka delivers context and understanding that enables deeper engagement and safer operations for teams in Critical Infrastructure and Heavy Industry

Several years ago Forbes Magazine reported that 65% of people self-identify as visual learners. Parallel research has confirmed that in operations and engineering intensive organizations, the proportion of visual learners tends to be even higher. 

While always a challenge, effectively addressing learning styles is particularly complex today. Every hour an increasing volume of data is collected from a growing universe of processes and devices that can now be monitored in real time (ex: SCADA and IOT). The ability to make sense of both quantitative and qualitative information originating from this ever-wider array of sources is not a trivial task - especially for visual learners.

As managers, we want and need our teams to know what is important. We diligently track our KPIs and proudly present our NPSs, but we regularly make significant assumptions about what our teams know and understand.

Yes, we might share a graph that presents a series of performance plots. And yes, graphs and infograms are great visual tools, but do all of the relevant stakeholders at the table really understand what the plots presented actually mean?

Can these individuals (who are most likely to be visual learners) fully understand why the data points presented are actually important to our organization?

We know that the ability to understand data is critical for both individual and team success. We also know that the ability to understand data is usually anchored in understanding the underlying context.  But we often gloss-over the fact that effectively connecting these two dots (1. Understanding the Data, and 2. Understanding the Context) is also a visual exercise.

Today, Ondaka’s AI and active data association can effectively resolve the visual learner gap between data and context.

Ondaka models and deep learning around site operations and individual components can accelerate technical teams with a common, comprehensive understanding. These same models make field operations safer and provide a world of detail that brings individual data points and IOT to life.

For more information on how Ondaka can make your work sites safer and reduce your OPEX, contact Mothusi “Cal” Pahl at 832.391.8383 or info@ondaka.com.