Beyond Health & Safety. Ondaka Technology Boosts Sales-to-Deployment Capabilities For Oilfield Sales and Service Teams

Oilfield parts manufacturer deploys Ondaka technology to improve its sales and service offerings;
enhancing customer service and reducing man-hours.


Background – A Powerful New Tool for Health & Safety

A regional West Texas oilfield parts manufacturer had previously adopted Ondaka technology to improve in-house Health & Safety (EH&S) processes. Managers used Ondaka’s augmented reality (AR) and analytics technology to more efficiently train new staff for their growing business, without sacrificing quality or EH&S standards. With Ondaka’s help, the manufacturer deployed high resolution reality captures of its core fleet of operating systems and safety processes; and used integrated data tagging software and AI data association algorithms to allow for remote data access. Ondaka’s easy-to-deploy technology allowed the company to streamline their new-hire training process, improve skills validation training for existing employees, better-manage existing safety records, and enhance the full product lifecycle customer experience.



The Opportunity – Applying the Same Technology towards Sales & Service

A new member of the company sales team was struggling with the company’s legacy sales processes. During the equipment testing and development period for one of the firm’s global customers, the new sales person saw several opportunities to improve a number of inefficient steps. He was particularly frustrated along the sales cycle path where multiple people from both the manufacturer and the customer were involved. This sales rep saw a clear opportunity to improve the firm’s processes and to shorten the sales cycle timeline by prevent a number of issues including: scheduling conflicts, delayed meetings, travel time for on-site inspections, and delayed decision-making due to incomplete information. Such roadblocks strained client relationships and delayed future sales.

This sales rep saw how Ondaka’s technology added value for the company’s EH&S training and envisioned an added opportunity to apply the same technology to the company’s sales processes. He shared this idea with his management.


Identifying the Opportunity – The Power of Visual Information

This seasoned sales rep was a new team member, but he clearly understood that visualization is a powerful tool for helping customers differentiate between hardware features and ultimately adopt new equipment. He recognized the power of visual information for communicating value and complex project details.

It is a traditional, industry sales norm to share visual information the old-fashioned way:  show photos and toggle-through PDF manuals pre-loaded on a tablet or laptop. Sales reps do this every day while they quite literally point out nuts and bolts to customers in the middle of a busy manufacturing floor or location in the field. While this method eventually gets the job done, it is inefficient and doesn’t accurately communicate future challenges that might arise after equipment is deployed to the field.


But what if?

What if the same Ondaka software that helped enhance and streamline the company’s EH&S processes could be used to tackle these sales-to-deployment issues? What if a salesperson could virtually carry a 3,000 pound piece of equipment to every sales call or client office visit? What if each sales rep could literally walk their clients through the entire sales development and education process in real-time, using only a cell-phone or a tablet? What if that sales rep could deliver instructions, manuals, specs, nuts, bolts, service timelines, technical support and training that could be easily shared with the entire client team?


And why not?

Why not add capabilities for engineers to remotely review asset configuration without having to travel cross-country? Why not deliver quality control tools that enable immediate conversations about safeguards and timelines?

Why not gain a competitive edge with new customers and strengthen existing relationships by improving the entire sales process from inception to implementation, by impressing both the client and the end-user?


Ondaka at Work for Sales & Service Teams

– Improving Data, Equipment, Communication and Customer Management

Management at this parts manufacturer immediately recognized the opportunity to use Ondaka technology to strengthen its sales and service offering. Ondaka’s team worked with the manufacturer to build a sales, service and marketing platform that has streamlined the entire sales-to-deployment process.

Sales reps now have access to powerful visual tools to help clients better understand how equipment will be deployed in the field. Clients now have access to powerful analytics technology tools to visualize both future projects as well as current operations.

  • Digital Job Books
  • Interactive JSAs, SOPs, LOTOs
  • Automated Data Surfacing
  • Augmented Reality

Ondaka’s value-add possibilities are multi-tiered. Client teams use Ondaka tools to internally identify functionalities that have the greatest topline revenue value, for pass-through sales to their customers.

What originally began as a simple oilfield asset visualization app has shown itself to be a transformative and efficient asset management technology. It is being embraced and adapted across the oilfield supply chain.

Whether deployed upstream or downstream, at corporate trainings or field services, Ondaka’s technology has changed the way operators, pumpers and refiners think about their businesses and assets.

Ondaka shrinks communication timelines and accelerates sales cycles by giving customers the control to both see and understand the equipment they’re looking to buy and the locations they’re looking to build. By eliminating customer confusion and removing the need for unnecessary “show & tell” trips to location, Ondaka is changing the way the oilfield understands assets in the field.

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